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Count to 10  Write to 10   Up to 100 (1)  Up to 100 (2)  Down from 100 (1)  Down from 100 (2)

Multiples of 2     Multiplies of 5     Multiples of 10 (2)   Multiples of 10 (2)

Counting 1 to 10 in words and number   Counting up to 20    Numbers Song Video

Adding 1 Digit Numbers (1)     Adding 1 Digit Numbers (2)   Number Line Adding and Subtracting

Adding with  Pirates    Adding with Mickey Mouse Ear Mat    Number Bonds to 10    

Two Times Table Song     Halves and Quarters (1)     Halves and Quarters (2)


Ticking Digital Clock   Ticking Analogue Clock    Analogue Clock     Ten Second Countdown    Stop Watch

Timer (1)     Stop Watch Timer (2)    Telling the Time     Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days   Tick Tock Time

O’Clocks (1)    O’Clocks (2)    O’Clocks (3)    Half Past the Hour    The Seasons    The Months      

Days of the Week Song     What’s Heavier than a Lunchbox  


The Greedy Triangle Story    Shape Song (1)   Shape Song (2)   Shape Song (3)    Shapes (1)  3-D Shapes

Left and Right Song (1)   Right and Left Song (2)

KS1 Videos

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KS1 Videos

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