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Key Stage 3


Over 200 free resources can be viewed via clicking on the title. These include presentations and review sheets and support material in PDF format. We hope that these will help all students to acquire success in their studies in mathematics.


Presentations explaining the ideas involved with various topics can be viewed by clicking on the title. Most of these presentations are complemented by a review sheet and some also have support material all of which can be freely downloaded.

KS3 Resources

Lesson Starter/Plenary/Main

Often, the best lessons are the very simple ones. Here are some of the short presentations I have used in the past. Click on the title to view

Alien Numbers

At its simplest, students can just interpret the numbers from outer space alien into earthling. At its best, it makes a good starting point for discussion about our number system.

When is a Fraction Bigger than a Half?

A simple method of deciding whether a fraction is bigger or smaller than a ½

The Equations of Lines Parallel to the x and y axes

A simple question and answer session.


Solving simple linear equations followed by equations with unknowns on both sides of the equals sign

Round to 1 Decimal Place

A simple presentation on this skill

Missing Numbers

The connection - inverse relationship - between multiplication and division.

Story Graph

Two-way Tables

Venn Diagram

Tarsia Jigsaws


+ - x & ÷ Decimals

Directed numbers

Faction of a quantity

Percentage of a number

Hire formulae

x & ÷ Whole numbers

Rank order

Simplify a fraction

Simplify an expression


x & ÷ Powers of 10


Fractions  decimals & percentages

Percentages problems

Fractions to percentage