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Convert between decimals, fractions and percentages

Decimals (+ - x & ÷) without a calculator

Decimals - Use place value to find answers in related calculations

Rules for indices with common bases

Roots as fractional indices and indices with brackets

Calculate a percentage of a quantity

Find one quantity as a percentage of another quantity

Calculate a percentage increase or decrease

Percentage change

Calculate a repeated percentage change

Prime factors LCM and HCF

Direct proportionality

Inverse proportionality

Finding missing numbers in ratios

Unequal sharing with ratios

Rationalise a denominator


Recurring decimals as fractions

Rounding to decimal given place

Rounding to significant figures

Convert between ordinary and SIF numbers

Multiply and divide using SIF numbers

SIF on a calculator


Upper and lower bounds


Presentations can be viewed by clicking on the desired topic’s title.  A title in <brackets> denotes a link to support material for the presentation.

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