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Number Topics

Decimals: Add, subtract, multiply & divide

Percentages of a quantity without a caculator

Percentage of a quantity with a calculator

Percentage increase and decrease

Percentage: Finding a numerical change as a percentage change

Algebra Topics

Equations with unknowns on both sides

Linear sequences: The nth term rule

Quadratics: Solving by factorising

Simultaneous equations

Straight line graphs: Identify the equation using gradient and y intercept

Geometry Topics

Angles: Finding angles in  a triangle, on a straight line and around a point

Circle: Area of circle and annulus

Circle: Circumference and arc length

Polygons: Naming and finding interior and exterior angles

Pythagoras’ theorem 1: Calculating sides in 2D right-angle triangles

Pythagoras’ theorem 2: Calculating sides in 2D right-angle triangles

Pythagoras’ theorem: Distance between coordinates

Trigonometry: Finding unknown angles in right-angle triangles

Trigonometry: Finding unknown sides in right-angle triangles

Trigonometry: Sine rule

Trigonometry: Cosine rule

Measure Topics

Compound Units: Distance, Time and Speed


Probability Topics

Mutually exclusive and relative frequency

Using probability space diagrams for two events

Statistics Topics

Mode, range and median

The mean average

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